Behind the Scenes in the Barnyard

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It's spring on the farm, and our barnyard is brimming with new life. We've come through our first lambing season (with the requisite joys and challenges!) and have an adorable batch of bouncing babies enjoying the spring air. Piglets will be born soon, the calves are growing, and all of the livestock are looking longingly over the fence at the growing grass. While the pastures green up, the barnyard is still the most active zone on the farm.

Come join our head farmer, Val, as she introduces you to all of the lively creatures that make up her "farm team", sharing stories about working with the pigs, chickens, sheep and cattle to create a healthy farm ecosystem. You will have a chance to get up close and personal with the animals, offering them hay and other treats, and maybe even helping to bottle-feed some of the lambs. 

Expect to spend about 1 hour in the barnyard, enjoying the animals.
No dogs please (farm animals find even the cutest ones stressful!)