Community Cider Project

Community Cider, v2.0

In 2019, we launched our community cider initiative as a way of sharing the delicious bounty of fruit that our friends and neighbours have right here in our community. The idea was simple; we would reach out to community members who had an abundance of apples, and wanted to put them to good use - from there, we would press their apples, turn them into cider, and a few months later, allow them to enjoy the finished product that their apples helped to create. The project was a big success, and we felt compelled to run it again in 2020 - we were happy to see that, in the midst of a pandemic, our friends were as eager as ever to provide a wide range of delicious apples to be pressed and fermented. With spring upon us, we're ready to share our 2020 Community Harvest cider with all of you.

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The Small Batch Process - A Visual

In September of 2020, we pressed bushels upon bushels of apples, provided by the thoughtful people in our community! When all was said and done, this resulted in 200 litres of tart, funky cider - a blend of over a dozen varieties of apples. From there, it took a couple months for fermentation, aging, blending and bottling to be complete. As we launch our second annual community cider, we wanted to look back and share some parts of the process with you. Thanks again everyone for adding some community joy to our little ciderhouse!