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We've entered an age of business in which technology, creativity, and innovation are more important than ever. Nevertheless, one ingredient that's remained essential over the years is the importance of the personnel. Every healthy business needs a team that works well together, energizes one another, and feels happy in their workplace. Heartwood is proud to play a role in keeping people relaxed and vitalized in this corporate setting. 


In-Office Cider Tastings

We want to continually build connections with businesses across the province, but we also want to maintain the personal touch that remains at the centre of everything we do. As such, we love conducting on-site tastings through which we get to familiarize people with our products, develop relationships with staff, and share a little bit of our story. We want to show you that Heartwood is more than just a product on your shelves!

Bulk Office Deliveries

Having a fully stocked fridge is becoming increasingly prevalent in office settings, and is a great value add for employees. Heartwood offers direct cider deliveries to offices across Ontario to ensure there are plenty of high quality, local, craft products in stock at all times.



Heartwood Offsite

If you're looking for an even more immersive Heartwood experience, we recommend organizing an offsite on the farm for your team. By venturing out here, you can learn about the story of our farm, the growth of our business, and our process for creating quality cider. We also offer a meeting room for brainstorming, facilitation, and visioning. 

Employee/Client Appreciation

Around the holidays, many businesses look for ways to show how much they value their customers and their staff. We offer farm-crafted products and customizable packages that show you care for these people. We'd love to play a role in the gift-giving process.


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