Unwind on the Farm

Take time to unwind

The sweeping changes of the last number months have altered our daily structure and routines. But through it all, some things remain as dynamic as ever; the vibrant ecosystems around us, from the livestock, to the sugarbush, to the orchard, have continued to flourish, and help us stay grounded in a time of unrest. Given how foreign the concept of normalcy seems, it's humbling to observe the natural processes that continue to unfold all around us. On one hand, these systems seem like the only shred of "normal" we have left; on the other, there's nothing normal about them - there never has been.

Sharing their experiences

A few folks who have participated in Unwind were willing to share their experiences:

"My parents and I visited Heartwood farm for their Unwind on the Farm tour last week, and from start to finish Val and Brent's hospitality was delightful, their creativity and passion for ecological and restorative farm practices so evident and inspiring. With care and clarity, Val guided us around the property, teaching us about the animals, land, soil and plants--all working together in an amazing interdependent system. We got to taste berries, pet pigs, meet the horses, do a real live chicken egg hunt, and learn about the artful creation of ciders blended with local fruits and other surprising flavours! Whether you need some animal therapy, want to be outdoors in the country or have a curiosity about ecological farming, this is a perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon!" -Pam Johnston

Val’s philosophy is consistently applied everywhere so that everything on the farm is working with the land to enhance, instead of disrupting, its natural inclinations. And that makes the farm a healing kind of place. -Joanna Szurmak

These will be small, intimate sessions, to keep the experience safe and enjoyable for everyone. We invite you to join us for a full morning or afternoon, consisting of a guided tour around the farm followed by some free time to wander as you wish. Fill out the form below to reserve a spot for yourself and any friends or family members you intend to bring along!