Insect Walk

RESCHEDULED TO SUNDAY OCTOBER 17th! No need to reserve! Just DROP IN FOR 2pm or 3:30pm

Did you know that ants perform some very important roles on farms?... Or that the beneficial Praying Mantis is not native to Ontario? Heartwood’s orchards have an amazing diversity of insect life -- a few are pests, but many are contributing in fascinating ways to the health of our “forest garden”. You’re invited to join Aaron Fairweather, PhD candidate and lecturer at UofG, in our labyrinth orchard for an opportunity to:

  • Explore the diversity of insects found in backyards and gardens
  • Learn about their roles in the environment, how they impact us and how we impact them
  • Experience hands on examples of the kinds of insects you can find near you
  • Discover some insects that have impacts on your everyday life
  • Learn about ongoing research at the University of Guelph
  • Ask questions from a trained expert in entomology and natural history
  • Visit our small-breed orchard pigs who also help with orchard health. 

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