Val's brother Don and his family have a small, hobby farm near Bright, Ontario, where they enjoy raising livestock of all kinds using old-fashioned, natural approaches. The Grassy Flats Farm pig herd is small in number -- they keep one boar and two sows in cozy shelters with year-round access to fresh air and sunshine -- but the Berkshire/Tamworth-cross pigs are much bigger and grow much faster than our Heartwood KuneKune pigs.

To keep the pigs well-fed and happy, Don sources grain from local farmers, and picks up loads of cast off produce and skim milk that would otherwise go to waste. The fresh air, exercise, varied diet, and heritage breed genetics make for fabulously flavourful pork with a bit more delicious-tasting fat than conventional pork.

Grassy Flats sows raise a litter of piglets once or twice a year, and many of the piglets are sold to other small farmers to raise for their own pork supply. This year, since Don's family raised most of the piglets to market weight, the Grassy Flats freezers are full to the brim, and we are happy to make this family-raised pork available to our Heartwood customers.