Heartwood Sparkle

Introducing our Non-Alcoholic Beverage Line.

We are unapologetically committed to reconnecting our people to the natural processes that produce the food and drink on their table. Every product tells a story, and for this beverage line, the beauty is in the simplicity; fresh-pressed juice from Ontario-grown fruit, with no added sugars or preservatives. Not only is it a delicious sparkling beverage, but it invites you to connect with the fruit off the tree in an authentic, intimate way - a true "fruit to glass" experience.


Fruit to Glass

Sparkle is 100% local and natural. In our line of sparkling beverages, we use exclusively fruit that is grown right here in the province. From there, the fruit is pressed, the juice is blended, some water is added to strike the perfect balance of sweetness, and the product is carbonated - creating the rich, delicious juice you'll taste in your can.

We're committed to reconnecting the people in our community to the food and drink on their table. When you as a consumer know exactly what you're putting in your body - and how the product was made - you are empowered to choose products that are healthy, high quality, and good for our planet. In fact, each can of Apple Sparkle has roughly the same nutritional value as one large organic apple. Sour Cherry is a little bit drier and a little bit more tart, but the fruit character is captured just as potently.

Sparkle comes to you through entirely natural processes. Each Sparkle variety has a gorgeous haze and a touch of sediment at the bottom of the can, and there are no additives of any kind - that means no added sugar or preservatives. In essence, the juice you taste in your glass is only one step removed from the fruit grown on the branch.

Grocery Chains

Find Sparkle at select locations across Ontario under these banners:

If you have any questions about finding Sparkle in specific stores (independents or banners) contact kieran@heartwoodfarm.ca!

Thanks to Emily Brewer at EKM Productions for some of the lovely photography.