Heartwood Menu

Flight board (4x 5oz): $14
By the glass (9oz pour): $5
Pepperettes: $1.50 
Snack Platter: organic tortilla chips and salsa: $6

Our Ciders:

  • Forest Garden (6.4% ABV): classic, straight-ahead apple cider, back-sweetened with maple syrup.
  • Hoppity (6.8%): dry-hopped with two varieties of hops for a citrus-y kick; back-sweetened with syrup.
  • Eve Goes Badass (6.8%): cayenne and ghost pepper cider, back-sweetened with honey. Packs a delicious spicy punch!
  • Fiona's Dreamscape (6.8%): bone-dry, naturally fermented traditional cider. Just the apples in all their glory, with a delicious tropical character.
  • Freckled Countess (6.8%): strawberry, earl grey cider back-sweetened with maple syrup. 
  • Raspy Poet (6.8%): unfiltered, bottle-conditioned raspberry cider. Bone dry.
  • Heartwood Sparkle (non-alcoholic): organic sparkling cider. No added sugar or preservatives. 

At the end of your visit, feel free to walk into our store to pay, If you like anything you taste, you're welcome to grab some cans or bottles on your way out. Cheers!