Heartwood Menu

Flight board (4x 5oz): $16
By the glass (9oz pour): $6
Snack platter (organic tortilla chips and Heartwood-made asparagus salsa): $6

Our Ciders:

  • Forest Garden (6.8% ABV): classic, straight-ahead apple cider, back-sweetened with maple syrup.
  • Hoppity (6.8%): dry-hopped with two varieties of hops for a citrus-y kick; back-sweetened with syrup.
  • Eve Goes Badass (6.8%): cayenne and ghost pepper cider, back-sweetened with honey. Packs a delicious spicy punch!
  • Currant Affair (6.8%): co-fermented with black currants for a nice tart finish. Back-sweetened with a touch of syrup.
  • Blue Bear's Brother (6.8%): bone dry, unfiltered cider featuring real blueberries; aged with blueberry skins.
  • Freckled Countess (6.8%): strawberry and earl grey cider, back-sweetened with maple syrup.
  • Raspy Poet (6.8%): bottle conditioned raspberry cider…new this week!
  • Heartwood Sparkle: non-alcoholic, organic sparkling cider. No added sugar or preservatives. 

If you like anything you taste, you're welcome to grab some bottles on your way out. Cheers!