What's so special about Heartwood farm-raised meat?

  • Our livestock have year-round sunshine, fresh air and room to roam, and young animals are raised and fed by their mothers
  • We breed and raise heritage cattle and pigs -- they're hardier, thrive on natural diets, and produce tastier meat
  • Our cattle eat pasture, hay and NO grains -- this is healthier for them and healthier for us -- grass-fed beef is lean, and highest in beneficial fats
  • We practice "managed grazing" - this involves moving fences daily to guide cattle across the landscape -- which leads to natural land regeneration and soil building
  • We feed our pigs (they require more than just pasture) Certified Organic grains (always GMO-free too!) and fruit and veg treats (guess who eats the leftovers from pressing apples for juice?!)