What's so special about Heartwood farm-raised meat?

  • Our livestock have year-round sunshine, fresh air and room to roam, and young animals are raised and fed by their mothers
  • We breed and raise heritage cattle -- they're hardier, thrive on natural diets, and produce flavourful, lean meat
  • Our cattle eat pasture, hay (both are naturally non-GMO) and NO grain, corn or soy -- this is healthier for them and healthier for us -- grass-fed beef is lean, and highest in beneficial fats
  • We practice "managed grazing" - this involves moving fences daily to guide cattle across the landscape -- which leads to natural land regeneration and soil building
  • We occasionally have more demand than we can supply through our own small herd and land base. We are pleased to have local farmer friends who share our commitment to conscientiously raising grass fed cattle to supply us when we run out.

Our frozen meat is only available for pick up at the farm OR can be delivered to Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Toronto.

Contact val@heartwoodfarm.ca if you have questions.