Mixed Box of Grass-fed Beef

Our own small herd of heritage breed cattle plays a central role in regenerating our farmland. During grazing season, Val moves them daily to enjoy fresh pasture, spread their fertility, and give rest time to nibbled plants to allow them to regrow. This "regenerative grazing" approach encourages deeper plant roots, healthier soil, and better carbon cycling. Even during the winter season, feeding the cattle hay out on the snow-covered pasture keeps the soil improvement work going! 

Our mixed box weighs roughly 12-13lbs and gives you a variety of popular and versatile cuts. The meat will come to you frozen and wrapped in traditional butcher paper. 

 A typical mixed box includes:

  • 1 roast (3-4 lbs each). 
  • 2-4 packages of premium steaks, "fast fry" tender cutlets and/or stewing beef
  • 5-7 packages of extra lean ground beef (1-1.25 lb each)

Customer Reviews

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Christina Barrett
Once you start shopping here you will keep coming back!

I started ordering from Heartwood after trying the Eve goes badass cider and becoming addicted last summer. I now have a wide variety of cider from heartwood in my bar waiting to be enjoyed.

I also discovered that they carry beef and pork. All my beef and pork now come from this farm if at all possible.

Not only is it high quality meat but I know the animals have been treated with love and respect.

The service is amazing . The heartwood team delivers and is always quick at answering any questions I have.

All I have to say is I am thrilled to be able to support local ethical farming and by doing so bring better food home for myself and my family.

Keep up the great work!