The Community Cider Project

We love our community and so we're making a small batch of artisanale cider using apples from across the region to celebrate the bounty of fresh, local ingredients we have all around us. 

Thanks to all our contributors!

It has been the most fun to receive bushels of apples from our neighbours and friends to press into our community cider project!

A big thanks to the following for their apple-y contributions:

Nikki Hansma, Angus Ross, Kirk, Heather V, Jon Harris & Everdale, Noelle & Rob, Tony Neale & Wheelbarrow Farm, Karen Mansfield, Nicolas Querques & Marlena Dolegowski, Zac Tremaine & GoodLot. <3

The Small Batch Process - a visual

On September 13th we pressed about 180L of community cider! We expect it to take a number of months for fermentation, aging, blending and bottling to be complete, but we also wanted to be able to share the process with you! (Plus stay tuned for updates!)  Thanks again everyone for adding some community joy to our little ciderhouse!

December 28, 2019 update!

The crab apples and the harvest apples were initially fermenting separately... but a few weeks ago they were blended!  The plan is to bottle condition then have a resting period for at least 5 weeks. 

Our Community Cider is Bottled!

On Jan. 8th, 2020 we bottle conditioned an unfiltered community cider!  Now we wait as the saccharomyces enjoy the maple syrup we bottled conditioned with!