Our Story


We like to say we’re in the business of transformation. We enliven and awaken people by showing them the connections between all the things that make up a good life: sunlight to plants, grass to meat, fruit to juice, sap to syrup, cider to conversation. We invite you to immerse yourself in this complex ecosystem with us, and bring this transformative philosophy to the forefront!


Learning by Experience

From our humble beginnings in 2004, the journey to co-create an ecological farm has been an exhilarating (and often challenging!) learning experience. We are inspired by the bio-diversity and interconnections of natural living systems, the unique character of our land and community, and our own emerging passions. 

As the awareness of regenerative agriculture grows, our commitment to this movement takes on new dimensions. We believe that sharing the simple wonders of this place through food, drink and experiences offers a potent invitation into the regenerative story. Learn more about the diversity of farms sharing this commitment at Regeneration Canada


The Livestock

We have raised livestock ever since we moved from the city. Through the years, we've raised chickens, goats, pigs, cattle, and horses, to name a few. Whether we're raising animals for meat or otherwise, we care deeply about using ethical and environmental practices in everything we do. It's truly a privilege to know where the food on your table has come from.  


The Sugar Bush

Another long-standing part of the business is our maple syrup operation; we've been making maple syrup in our sugar bush for 15 years, and currently we're tapping about 220 trees each year. The sap, which usually starts flowing in early March, is about 2% sugar; from there, we boil it down in our evaporator until it's close to 67% sugar. 


The Orchard

In many ways, the orchard was the place where the cidery first came to fruition. We were intrigued by the transformative process we observed - from sunlight, to soil, to tree, to apple - and we wanted to take this a step further. Many of the ingredients we currently use in our cider are sourced from our forest garden, and we hope to continually explore these possibilities as the orchard matures.